International Cadet

The first Synergy Marine Mk4 International Cadet hit the water at the end of 2014 and certainly turned a few heads with some of its innovative design features and the quality of the construction.


Our Cadets are built using the latest composite technologies including Polyester resin infusion to produce the lightest, stiffest and strongest construction available. The hull and deck is constructed using PVC foam core with woven e-glass cloth used throughout. Hull and decks are resin infused under vacuum to consolidate and “pull” the resin through the glass fibres. We can accurately control the amount of resin required to wet-out the fibres and foam core. This method of construction provides a cleaner, safer working environment, reduces waste and enables us to build our boats consistently from one boat to the next.

Hull shape

Our hull was modeled using high-performance CAD design software to provide the best shape possible. Based on previous World and National Championship winning designs, we strongly believe that we have the best all-round Cadet hull-shape available.
Shroud attachments
Rather than simply using U-Bolts to attach the shrouds, we use shroud plates that are fitted to the hull. This ensures the rig loads a distributed through the hull rather than the hull deck join which can flex and crack over time. We also use a quality bow fitting for the same reason and as a result of these enhancements rig tension can be maintained over a whole day’s sailing.

Buoyancy Hatches

We’ve found over the years that one of the main places for Cadet’s to fail their buoyancy test is through the buoyancy hatches. Leaking hatch covers can also result in boats taking on weight. To alleviate this, and also a safety measure, we have moved the forward tank hatches to the fit within the spinnaker bag recesses. Moving them higher means they are less likely to be below the water level after capsizes. In addition it is also possible to bolt, rather than screw, the fittings on the foredeck and bulkhead which previously wasn’t possible.

Grab Rail

We have introduced a moulded integral grab rail that looks neater and removes a known point of failure for leaks.

Centreboard Case

We have refined the centreboard case capping with a sloped downwards thwart to allow more space for the crew. In light winds they can get their weight lower and in breezy conditions it’s very easy to move aft.

The spinnaker halyard now neatly passes through the centreboard case providing a more natural location for the cleat.


For the crew the toe straps are in the traditional location, with the added benefit of built in cleats for adjustment.

For the helms toe straps the main anchor point has been moved forward to provide a more stable hiking position. Longer toe straps mean that it is harder to hold your position fore-aft can be very energy sapping, particularly in windy and wavy conditions. When it’s very windy downwind there's a short a “pussy strap” at the back of the boat for the helms to really lock themselves in for the ride!

Side decks

The side decks have a neatly moulded non-slip which won’t damage clothing but will stop the crew from sliding and wasting energy. It also means that the use of pro-grip will no longer be required keeping your boat looking very neat and tidy!

Colour choice

New boats don’t have to be made in white with shades of grey so at Synergy we offer our customers a broad range of colours for the thwart, centreboard case, grab rails, floor and hull.

Hulls will be vinyl wrapped over white gelcoat rather than coloured gelcoat. This enable us to offer a wider range of colours and makes repairs significantly easier. Those all-to-common Cadet bow repairs can easily be made to look as good as new, without patchwork gelcoat repairs.

The other advantage is that its much easier to change the colour of the hull for future generations of Cadet sailor, perhaps another second-hand value adding feature!

As well as a manufacturer of new boats we also provide a comprehensive maintenance and repair service.

Synergy International Cadet Price List February 2024
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